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 Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish
 Parish Pastoral Council
 Minutes of the January 23, 2013 Meeting

Present: Father Hearn, Imelda Head, Marie Mackey, Pauline Power, Jonathan Gaye, Kevin Lewis, Mary Kelly, Sr. Margaret McLaughlin.

1. Opening Prayer: Marie Mackey

2. Remarks form the Chair:  Kevin hoped that we all had an excellent break.

3. Agenda Acceptance:
Add item 4 a) Atlantic Cathechetical Conference
Add item 8 a) Advent folders
Agenda was accepted on a motion by Pauline/Jonathan.

4. Correspondence:
a) Atlantic Cathechetical Conference - Information about this conference was circulated. If anyone is interested, contact Ann at the Parish office. We will see how many plan to go and we may allocate resources to it. We will discuss this at a future meeting.

b) A quote was received from Tony regarding renovations to the offices, as they need new flooring and painting. It will cost approximately $4300. It was approved on a motion by Mary/ Sr. Margaret.

c) A letter was received from the Catholic Women’s League requesting a donation towards the provincial convention that they will be co-hosting in June. St. Joseph’s and Baie Verte are the co-hosts. On a motion by Jonathan/ Fr. Hearn, it was moved that we provide them with $500.

d) We received the salary scale for the Parish priest from the R.C. Episcopal Corporation. They will be getting a slight raise.

e) We received a letter from the South and Central Health Foundation looking for funding for a new piece of equipment. This will be discussed under new business.

5. Minutes:  A motion to accept the minutes was moved by Fr. Hearn/Imelda. Motion carried.

6. Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Anniversary Committee - The final meeting has not been held yet. They may meet next week. This issue will be tabled until the next meeting.

b) Letter to the Bishop - This has not been sent yet. It will be sent soon. Concerns were raised about the low profile of the Bishop in the Cathedral Parish.

7. Committees:

a) Community Life - Nothing to report

b) Cathechetics - The Atlantic Conference is coming up. Most sacramental preparations are on the go, with a First Penance meeting soon, with an enrollment to follow. Confirmation meetings will also take place soon.

c) Finance - The books will be going to Susan Carrigan soon to do up our financials for 2012. We have $20 547 in the bank and we received $3700 from the Diocese today. We have also received more money from late Christmas envelopes. We received $1574.86 from the Advent folders.
Ann will start to pay the Diocesan Assessment soon, at the rate of $5000 per month for six months. Our insurance is due in the summer.

d) Liturgy - The Stations of the Cross will be done during Lent. We are responsible for March 5th and March 7th. All of the planning for Lent has been done. At least two and a half broadcast Masses have been sponsored so far. All of the special services have been planned and will be posted in the Bulletin.

e) Maintenance - The fire inspection follow up has been completed. We do need a fire extinguisher needs to be recharged and we need smoke detectors in the children’s liturgy room and the sacristy. We will also look into a fire alarm system for the Church. It was also noted that some of the emergency lights did not come on during the latest power outage. This will be looked into as well.
Concerns were also raised about the locking of the Church doors. They will be locked as soon as possible after Mass each weekday. We also need to secure the door to the sacristy in a better manner. We may also look into a security system.

f) Social Action - No new committee formed as yet. Bernie Wicks is considering chairing this committee. It is still unclear as to the mandate of this committee. We will look into forming a new committee.

8. New Business:
a) Advent folders - Just under $1600 was raised. It was decided to give $500 to the food bank and divide the rest between the schools offering a breakfast program.

b) A question was asked as to the income from the poor box. It was decided that Fr. Hearn should have access to the fund to provide to needy parishioners, when the need arises.

9. Pastor’s Remarks: Amen.

10. Next Meeting: February 20th

11. Leader of Prayer Next Meeting: Mary Kelly

12. Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 on a motion by Pauline.

Minutes submitted by

Mary Kelly
Secretary, Parish Pastoral Council






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